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Welcome To 3 Dimensions

3 Dimensions residential care and school provide a wide range of services for young people with social difficulties, Learning Disabilities, vulnerability in the Community or communication difficulties including ASD.

Our services Include:

Here at 3 Dimensions we provide a range of placement options including residential placements, educational day placements, or placements that require both.


We have four amazing residential homes which consist of Chardleigh, Woodview, Mourino and Ashcroft. All four homes are taylored to the needs of our service users.


Information about each home is accessible via the links as listed on Our Houses Page above.


  • Full Residential  52 Week
  • Boarding 38 Week
  • Day Tuition
  • Respite (For Boarders only)


3 Dimensions School was accredited by the National Autistic Society for the quality of its provision in December 2012. NAS Accreditation is a highly regarded quality standard and recognises the outstanding work the school has undertaken since it was established in 2004 in delivering an educational curriculum to pupils with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and/or other related communication difficulties.

Our school and homes are registered for boys and girls with:


  • Social and Emotional Difficulties
  • Language and Communication Difficulties
  • Behaviour and Learning Difficulties including Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Asperger’s Syndrome


3 Dimensions aims and goals

3 Dimensions residential care and school was established in 2004 to provide a safe, secure learning environment for young people between the ages of 11 – 17 years.


Since 2010, we have developed additional care and education services including provision for supporting 18-64 year olds on the autistic spectrum, as 3 Dimensions projects grows then so much the better but, not at the expense of the quality of our services which must always operate at optimum level. Quality is paramount to us – and we make a difference!


It is 3 Dimensions mission to provide an environment where stability and consistency enables each young person to have the opportunity to receive a quality education in a safe secure context with a chance to remain children whist preparing for adulthood.


We make communication a priority where young people learn respect for themselves and others, we focus on rewarding positive behaviours with praise, attention and activities and removing the need to gain attention through negative behaviour and building esteem and confidence. We aim to help every young person, acquire the life and social skills to move towards a more independent and positive future, in which they can function successfully within society.


The Company was established by a group of individuals with a wide variety of skills, knowledge and diverse experience in working with children & young people, who are committed to provide a professional and consistent quality service. 3 Dimensions creates individual programmes using an holistic approach which is person centred and designed to empower each young person.

The Waking Day

Social Skills, Communication and Flexibility of Thought are skills we encourage our Young People to keep improving throughout the waking day.


Because some of our young people are stronger
in some of these areas than they are in others, we endeavour to tailor each
person’s placement plan on an individual basis. In this way, we address the
weaknesses as well as playing to each young person’s strengths to ensure
optimum growth and positive outcomes.

Transitions Into Adulthood

We support transitions for those about to enter into adult services, including arranging visits to the new centre and providing assistance to the new team where necessary. We are currently developing our own 18 + Project that may be able to offer to certain young people that are now requiring an adult service. This allows us to transfer the Positive Behaviour Management strategies that have proven successful for our Young People into an 18+ support package.

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