Excellence in Care and Education
Excellence in Care and Education

Our Homes

Below is a brief overview of our homes and the facilities we offer.


For more information on each of the homes and to view the latest Ofsted reports please use the links below or the navigation panel on your left.



Our Homes in Somerset and Devon


Chardleigh House  (SC060758) is registered for 5 young people. Chardleigh provides a positive behaviour program that focuses on what is gained for young people with challenging behaviour, social and learning difficulties including Asperger’s and ADHD.


Woodview (SC407753) is registered for 4 young people with social vulnerability and challenging behaviour. The home provides a safe nurturing environment where past and present issues can be acknowledged in a family style situation.


Ashcroft is an adult care facility for young adults with Austism and Learning Disabilities.


The 3D Approach


3 Dimensions Care was formed in 2004 by a small group of individuals with a vast and diverse experience of working with vulnerable young people with challenging behaviour.  


Staff members are trained to provide Autism specific programs, using Positive Behaviour Programmes, including elements of Applied Behaviour Analysis.


Care and School work in unison to provide positive outcomes which enable young people to function successfully in the community.


Social skills, communication and flexibility of thought are skills we encourage our young people to keep improving. We endeavour to tailor each person’s placement plan on an individual basis. In this way, we address the weaknesses as well as playing to each young person’s strengths to ensure optimum growth and positive outcomes.


3 Dimensions School 


Our school is an Approved Independent Special School. This means its details will be published on the Section 41 Secretary of State Approved List, and will now appear alongside other approved schools and educational institutions.


Our school is focused on teaching skills needed to encourage Independence. Pupils receive the opportunity to generalise skills learned in the community, such as positive behaviour management, communication and life skills.


We provide a differentiated curriculum tailored to each individual’s needs and the opportunity to gain recognised qualifications, such as ASDAN, Key Skills, appropriate GCSE’s and vocational based diplomas.


We have high staff ratios, access to 1:1 support and tutors trained in ABA and caring for vulnerable young people with challenging behaviour.

NAS Accreditation awarded February 2016.


Our Mission is to be one of the UK schools that help re-establish the true meaning of the term “Education”. For more information visit our School pages.


Now Recruiting

Check our latest vacancies - new type of contract available! Can apply for 30 hrs or 38 hrs average per week. £9.50 per hour. Sleep-ins on top.

Read the latest Woodview "Good" Ofsted Report dated  05.11.19

Read the latest Chardleigh House Ofsted report 21.08.19

Ashcroft, our Adult home, recieved a certificate at the Somerset Adult Social Care ConferenceJune 2019 on its current CQC 'Outstanding' rating. To view the certificate go to our Ashcroft page.

3 Dimensions School rated Good overall with Outstanding in personal development, behaviour and welfare! Following an Ofsted inspection 21.06.2018. To view the report in full go to the School Ofsted page.

Read the latest Chardleigh House "Good" Ofsted Report dated  21.06.2018

Ashcroft re-inspected by the CQC on 04.05.2017 and retains its Outstanding rating. Read the full report here.

3D School accepted as an “approved” independent special school and its details will be published on the Section 41 Secretary of State Approved List when next updated after 31st August 2016. For more information visit our School. page.

Woodview rated Good in all areas following Ofsted inspection on 06.07.2016. To view the report go to the Woodview Ofsted page.

CQC rates Ashcroft's adult care as outstanding April 2015. Read the CQC press release here or go to Ashcoft's page and click on the CQC link for the full report.

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