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Chardleigh House

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Chardleigh Statement of Purpose October 2018
Updated 11/10/2018
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Young Person's Guide
August 2017
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Chardleigh is our Residential Children’s Home based close to Chard in Somerset. It provides care for 5 young people and currently it accommodates male placements only. 


The home has been organised with a natural divide: Phoenix and 3 Gables.


The house is in a rural position, within large, private grounds and garden, and is on the same site as 3 Dimensions School.


Education is provided by our own school provision at the 3 Dimensions School or through a local mainstream school or college as determined by each young person’s Placement Plan. 

Chardleigh provides services for planned placements. Emergency placements are not usually accepted.  Our gate-keeping process means that when placing new young people, we will undoubtedly take into consideration the young people that are already placed in the home.

All our young people exhibit social difficulties and are receiving support in addressing the underlying lack of communication skills, awareness skills or self-esteem that is contributing to these difficulties.


Most of the young people at Chardleigh also display forms of challenging behaviour, are very vulnerable and are placed for their own welfare. Some young people may experience other developmental delay, emotional or cognitive difficulties.

At Chardleigh, our aim is to focus on the following five outcomes:


• Staying Safe - ensuring that our young people not only feel safe (protected, secure, free from harm - whether this be emotional, physical or sexual) but, understand what we mean by this terminology and how it applies to issues such as crime, self-harm and personal risk- taking.


• Being Healthy - not just mentally and physically, but through expanding awareness of the life style choices available and the impact this will have on the lives of our young people and those around them.


• Enjoying and Achieving - both in their education and life itself, developing a positive mindset that will allow them to say, "I can and want to do this", and then be enabled, through knowledge, to take action so our young people can get the most out of life.


• Achieving Economic Wellbeing - by staying in education and engaging in training which will provide a greater choice of job opportunities leading to long term security  and stability within current and planned family units. We will use other service providers like Connexions to achieve this.


• Making a Positive Contribution - for themselves, the local community and society - through embracing life's challenges positively. We will work alongside other service providers and community based projects to fulfil this.

In-house managers and trainers at 3 Dimensions have an office on site which allows them to provide daily support to the staff and children working on site. At the heart of what we do is to provide opportunities and experience for social learning and a life skills education that will be invaluable for their future career success and to make a positive contribution living in the community.

Chardleigh has a team of up to 13 Care staff of differing ages and with diverse experience and knowledge in life and working with children. The team is already trained, or in the process of training, in Health & Social Care of Children and Young People. Staff work on a rota system, and provide holiday and sickness cover, to ensure continuity of relationships and boundaries.

At the home, our philosophy and our work ethic is one that is predominantly proactive (to prevent things from going wrong in the first place) rather than reactive to the home's care provision.


By being proactive, staff and young people will have a better opportunity to benefit from our 'learning through experience' environment, understand issues that create conflict, and understand why and how they can take appropriate control of their lives. 

Young people at the home will experience that, just as in life, their actions have positive and negative consequences. Each young person will be encouraged to consider their actions, make informed choices, take responsibility for themselves and the resulting consequences, respect boundaries, respect others and understand that 'no' means 'no'.

3 Dimensions School rated Good overall with Outstanding in Personal development, behaviour and welfare! Following an Ofsted inspection 21.06.2018. To view the report in full go to the School Ofsted page.

Read the latest Chardleigh House "Good" Ofsted Report dated  21.06.2018

Read the latest Woodview "Good" Ofsted Report dated  24.08.2017

Chardleigh House rated Good following Ofsted inspection on 04.10.17. To view the report go to the Chardleigh House Ofsted page.


 Secretary of State for Health congratulates Ashcroft on CQC Outstanding rating Read letter.

Ashcroft re-inspected by the CQC on 04.05.2017 and retains its Outastanding rating. Read the full report here.

3D School accepted as an “approved” independent special school and its details will be published on the Section 41 Secretary of State Approved List when next updated after 31st August 2016. For more information visit our School. page.

Woodview rated Good in all areas following Ofsted inspection on 06.07.2016. To view the report go to the Woodview Ofsted page.

3 Dimensions School has been re-accredited by the National Autistic Society for a further three years until April 2019. 

CQC rates Ashcroft's adult care as outstanding April 2015. Read the CQC press release here or go to Ashcoft's page and click on the CQC link for the full report.

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