Excellence in Care and Education
Excellence in Care and Education


3 Dimensions is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and adults in our care and expects all staff and anyone associated with 3 Dimensions to share this commitment.


We have a Safeguarding policy and procedures in place which is in accordance with both the Somerset Safeguarding Children's Board – Working with Children and the Devon Safeguarding Children Board - Workers and Volunteers as main portals for local procedures and statutory guidance. Staff must familiarise themselves with these portals and other procedures and guidance given for the two counties within which we operate. Relevant Government legislation and Statutory guidance documents are also highlighted and these key documents are available in the Staff area of this website. All Directors and staff must ensure they are aware of and adhere to these policies and procedures.


Sometimes we may need to share information and work in partnership with other agencies where there are concerns about a students welfare. We will ensure that our concerns about our students are discussed with them and their parents/carers first unless we have reason to believe that such a move would be contrary to his/her welfare.



Administration of Medication
Next Review June 2021 (This policy is reviewed every two years or earlier if required)
Administration of Medication.docx
Microsoft Word document [75.9 KB]
Anti Bullying Policy
Reviewed May 2019
Anti-Bullying Policy.docx
Microsoft Word document [109.5 KB]
Data Protection & Information Management
Amended 19.09.18: Inclusion of the role of the Data Controller. Also see 3.3.7 In the case of a breach of data concerning children & YP’s the Placing Authority’s IT team should be contacted. In the case of a child or YP from Devon via a specific email and coordinated by the 3D data controller.
Data Protection Information Management [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.0 MB]
Internet Access & Online Safety
Reviewed July 2019: No changes
Internet Access and Online Safety.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [389.1 KB]
Behaviour Management Policy
Reviewed: July 2019 Next review June 2020
Behaviour Management Policy.docx
Microsoft Word document [116.9 KB]
Child Sexual Exploitation
Reviewed July 2017 New Section 9 added regarding latest Government guidance on CSE. Next Review July 2019. This policy is currently under review and will be updated shortly
Child Sexual Exploitation Policy.docx
Microsoft Word document [78.5 KB]
Compatability Policy
Reviewed June 2019:
Compatibility Policy.docx
Microsoft Word document [75.8 KB]
Safe Environment policy
Reviewed June2019 - no changes.
Safe Environment Policy.docx
Microsoft Word document [79.3 KB]
Safeguarding Children and Dealing with Allegations
Updated 19.02.2019: V2.3 Point 2.5 Re Use and restrictions on Staff Mobile Phones. May 2019 New section 6 added: Resolving professional differences
Safeguarding Children Dealing with Alle[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [260.4 KB]
Safeguarding Policy Appendices updated July 2017
These appendices are designed to be read in conjunction with the main policy: Safeguarding Children & Dealing with Allegations.
Appendix 1: Definitions & Signs of Abuse & Neglect
Appendix 2: Eating Disorders
Appendix 3: Domestic Abuse
Appendix 4: Preventing Radicalism & Extremism
Appendix 5: Private Fostering
Appendix 6: Useful References & Organisations
Safeguarding Appendices.docx
Microsoft Word document [306.3 KB]
Working Together: Updated July 2018
HM Government: Updated July 2018
Adobe Acrobat document [2.2 MB]
What to do if you're worried a child is being abused Advice for practitioners
HM Gov. March 2015
Adobe Acrobat document [320.3 KB]
Safer Recruitment
Reviewed: May 2019
Safer Recruitment Policy.docx
Microsoft Word document [137.9 KB]
Best Interest and Mental Capacity (Adult services)
Jan 2019
Best Interest and Mental Capacity.docx
Microsoft Word document [206.9 KB]
Missing from Care
Reviewed July 2019: Minor changes to add clarity and some changes to policy in 1.3 & 5.13
Missing From Care.docx
Microsoft Word document [82.6 KB]
Risk Assessment Policy & Procedure
Updated 04.03.2019
Risk Assessment Policy and Procedure.doc[...]
Microsoft Word document [134.2 KB]
Health and Safety Policy
Reviewed December 2018: No material changes apart from the date.
Health and Safety Policy.docx
Microsoft Word document [105.7 KB]
Fire Prevention Policy
Reviewed May 2019.
Fire Prevention Policy.docx
Microsoft Word document [223.2 KB]
Lone Working Policy
July 2019 review: Additional information for working in and out of the Home
Lone Working Policy.docx
Microsoft Word document [103.1 KB]
Sensory Policy
New Policy January 2019, relevant to both Education and Care staff.
Sensory Policy.docx
Microsoft Word document [199.4 KB]
Visitor Policy
Reviewed and updated November 2018: Visitors are now signed in and out of the visitors book by the member of staff opening the door as discreetly as possible.
Microsoft Word document [219.7 KB]

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Read the latest Woodview "Good" Ofsted Report dated  05.11.19

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Ashcroft, our Adult home, recieved a certificate at the Somerset Adult Social Care ConferenceJune 2019 on its current CQC 'Outstanding' rating. To view the certificate go to our Ashcroft page.

3 Dimensions School rated Good overall with Outstanding in personal development, behaviour and welfare! Following an Ofsted inspection 21.06.2018. To view the report in full go to the School Ofsted page.

Read the latest Chardleigh House "Good" Ofsted Report dated  21.06.2018

Ashcroft re-inspected by the CQC on 04.05.2017 and retains its Outstanding rating. Read the full report here.

3D School accepted as an “approved” independent special school and its details will be published on the Section 41 Secretary of State Approved List when next updated after 31st August 2016. For more information visit our School. page.

Woodview rated Good in all areas following Ofsted inspection on 06.07.2016. To view the report go to the Woodview Ofsted page.

CQC rates Ashcroft's adult care as outstanding April 2015. Read the CQC press release here or go to Ashcoft's page and click on the CQC link for the full report.

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