Excellence in Care and Education
Excellence in Care and Education

Behaviour and Pupil Safety


"Staff act as role models and help students improve their attitudes to learning so that attendance and behaviour is good" OFSTED 2015



Within our small safe and secure learning environment our pupils gradually become confident to engage with learning. All teaching is scaffolded with individualised support and reinforcement packages which ensure each student feels secure, safe and engaged with the learning process. This positive approach to teaching and learning enables all pupils to make good progress and achieve, many for the first time in their learning history.



We provide an environment where stability and consistency enables each young person to feel secure, build self-esteem and address their behaviour. Pupil attendance and punctuality is overall very good. All pupils have personalised targets developed to support the development and learning of appropriate and desirable behaviours throughout the school day, the attainment of these behaviours is then reinforced to ensure positive behaviour becomes the expected norm.



We use positive behaviour management in order to better understand the function of behaviour and use this information to guide the development of desirable behaviour, teach replacement or alternative skills and develop self -reflection and better coping mechanisms. The impact of the schools therapeutic approach and focus on positive behaviour support has a strong impact on pupils' abilities to manage their anger, anxiety and anti-social behaviours. Incidents are dealt with swiftly and effectively, the focus being on analysing triggers and consequences of an incident and teaching replacement behaviours.


Positive behaviour is not taken for granted but reinforced and encouraged, ensuring pupils are aware of behavioural expectations and are actively engaged in managing their own behaviours, to the level they are able.



The small community context and high staff/pupil ratio makes bullying virtually impossible. However, it is rare in any case because of our proactive approach to building relationships, the social and emotional aspects of learning, our personal development and PSCHE curriculum. When bullying or derogatory/aggressive language does occur, robust anti-bullying and behaviour policies are in place and adhered to.



Pupils are explicitly taught about keeping themselves safe, making positive choices and developing an understanding of socially accepted norms of behaviour. Pupils learn through individualised personal development programmes, PSCHE and from the school environment about safety in general.


Please read our Statement of Behaviour Principles below:

Statement of Behaviour Principles
Statement of Behaviour Principles.docx
Microsoft Word document [52.5 KB]

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