Excellence in Education and Care
Excellence in Education and Care 

Welcome to 3 Dimensions School & Care 

Our aim is to provide support and care for children who have suffered developmental trauma, neglect and abuse during their early life, which has caused attachment difficulties and challenging behaviour, for children with SEMH and SEND, including Autism.


Our Positive Behaviour Support Model is driven by a Therapeutic approach that may be adjusted in specific areas for the individual needs of those on the Autistic Spectrum.


Our expertise in this field enables us to provide Specialist Education that empowers children to re-engage in meaningful, supportive and nurturing learning programmes.


We have 2 residential children’s homes in Somerset and Devon, 1 young adult learning disabilities care home and a Special Educational Needs school.


We excel in managing challenging behaviour through Therapeutic Parenting and highly individualised Education, Health and Care Plans.


If you are looking to refer a child or young adult or perhaps you are a parent looking for a bespoke school for your child please see our Contacts page.


If you are interested in working with us, in our school or one of our residential care homes please look at our Career Opportunities page.


3Dimensions Proprietorship Statement


3 Dimensions is operated by Acorn Education and Care 


3 Dimensions is owned by 3 Dimensions Care and is a fully owned subsidiary of Acorn Education and Care, which is part of Outcomes First Group, a provider of children’s services in the UK.


3 Dimensions has its own dedicated management team, under the leadership of Caroline Rolfe. Oversight of school management is provided by the Regional Director, responsible to the Operations Director, Lauren Wright and Chief Operating Officer, Richard Power.


Richard Power also acts as the registered Proprietor Chairperson for Acorn Care and Education Ltd


The management team is complemented by Group support functions covering Quality and Compliance, Admissions and Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and IT. Key decisions are referred to Outcomes First Group’s Board of Directors, consisting of Outcomes First Group CEO, David Leatherbarrow and CFO, Jean-Luc Janet, together with an

independent Chairman and three Non-Executive Directors.


In addition, the Group continues its robust governance through local governing committees, a national education performance board, chaired by the Operations Director and an independent Safeguarding and Quality Committee with three independent members. These governance groups meet every term.


Modern Slavery Statement





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